Apprentice in the Magic Store


Merlin works as an apprentice in the local magic store. He is about 16 years old and human. He tends to be bumbling and awkward but despite this, he always seems to manage to come up with some neat ideas. The first meeting with him he was trying to get rid of these rocks that he accidentally made glow. His Master was quite upset with him about this mistake. Despite this being a mistake, the party found these glowing rocks quite useful. He’s been working on developing more of these in his spare time but so far hasn’t quite got it right yet.

Merlin and his Master tend to collect things that are quite unique and unusual – even if they may not be able to use them or understand what they are. This is how the party came across their new magical items – Merlin had them laying around in the shop and he gave them to the party for their good patronage. Heskan and Nyllida both got new armor – Heskan’s is the armor of insults and Nyl’s is a plant armor that she can grow on herself which produces spores.


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